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In 7Doors7Worlds there are 4 major groups:

They normally hang around in the Enchanted Garden, which is the area where Alexandrea lives.

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Happy 7D7W First Year Anniversary everyone! Lets have another fun year of roleplaying together!✨

Hope you all had an AWESOME 2015! We have the wiki's first birthday in the Spring and 7Doors7Worlds' second birthday in the Summer! Whoop!

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Deen is the featured character of the week. Deen is considered Rion's pet. Then again, she is shared by him and his friends. She is a species that existed in Asteralinia many years ago. They have all died over the time due to be treated wrongly, leaving Deen as the only person part of her species, alive. Her species are called a Xemuris', and they are considered really fluffy.

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SpeedDrawing ~ Happy Birthday! ~

SpeedDrawing ~ Happy Birthday! ~

This Video was made by DeviantArt2002 aka SweetTokiCandy on the channel Cooperativevids. DeviantArt2002 ocs include Rion, Lily and Hibiki predominately (With side characters Deen, Crystal)

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